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Return policy
Commodity quality judgment standards
. Return process
Return policy

No reason to return 1.7 days  Look at how to apply for > >

We provide perfect after-sales service, commitment from the customer from the date of receipt of the goods within 7 days of receipt date (to), such as for goods (except limited commodities, underwear, and promotion) have any not satisfied, we will provide no reason to return service.

Would you please confirm the return goods will not affect the second sales:
Without the use of;Goods and packaging in NOVOUS sell when the original state and accessories is complete;Tags are not cut, unused, not washing;No damage, no pollution.

2. Return caused by non-artificial quality problem:   Look at how to apply for > >

A. clothing: receipt within 30 days for the cause of quality problems, such as: zipper damaged, clothes fall off compose ACTS the role of such serious situation
B. costume: receipt within 30 days without serious line through clothing, deformation, color uneven dyeing, damaged and oily be soiled, or normal washing according to the requirements of washing label for the first time found clothing serious decoloring, deformation

3. The following circumstances, shall not return:
Commodity use improper places, including but not limited to contact special moisture content, chemicals, gasoline, paint, detergents, solvents, cooking oil, excessive heating, etc
Due to external hard thing scratch or wear internal causes such as goods to take off the line, craze
Goods over its service life, and cause damage
The goods is damaged due to improper washing
Because commodity display fade
Cycling suits, casual wear, close-fitting underwear,
The gifts
And other prior statement does not allow the discount promotion goods return
Limited goods and other prior statement are not allowed to return goods
The NOVOUS goods
Product appearance is not clean
The NOVOUS website to sell goods
Including but not limited to the above situation

4. This involves the quality of goods is damaged or has been used to issue to return or exchange, if necessary authority of subject to quality inspection department or the company's quality inspection departments identified.NOVOUS reserves the rights of final decision.

5. Customers need to show me to issue the invoices and shipping list (if the order to ask for bill).

6. By shopping at the same price, conditions (discount, discount vouchers and gifts, etc.) return to the customer.